Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab leaks that go undetected can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water if gone undetected for just a year. Unfortunately, many Fort Worth property owners do not realize that they have a slab leak and are paying hundreds of dollars each month on water and electricity. 

Did you know that some plumbing companies don’t offer slab leak detection and slab leak repair services? Don’t overpay by calling a company that will “sub it out.”

If you think you have a slab leak, call Delta 1 Plumbing. We provide reliable and comprehensive slab leak detection services to find your slab leak, and we also repair slab leaks before they cause more problems. 

With Delta 1’s trained, licensed, and insured plumbers, you’ll know that you are getting the best slab leak repair services in the Fort Worth area. 

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Slab Leak Repair in Fort Worth

Homes in the Fort Worth area generally sit on a solid concrete foundation called a slab. This means that with no basement or crawl space, it can be challenging to locate a leak underneath the property as the pipes are not exposed.

If your home has a plumbing leak inside the floor, then you’ll want to call in a professional as soon as possible to mitigate the problem quickly. 

Slab leaks can be damaging to your foundation and are often not covered by insurance. Let Delta 1 Plumbing find it and fix it right, saving your from expensive damage from water down the road.

Risks of an Undetected Slab Leak

Slab leaks occur when a water supply, drain pipe, or sewage pipe bursts or leaks inside the concrete slab of your Fort Worth property. These pipes, which carry water to the property and waste away from it, can easily crack as they age or as the foundation shifts. 

If a slab leak is left undetected, the water can begin to seep into areas it’s not meant to flow, causing further damage. Not every slab leak repair is an emergency, but they will eventually develop into one if ignored.

Signs of a Slab Leak

You may start to wonder if you have a slab leak if you notice an increase in water or heating bills, low water pressure, a running water meter when appliances are off, the sound of water running, or unexplained wet spots on floors.

You may also find dampness, water leaking in the floor boards, pooling water around the house (especially during a season without a high water table), or foul smells from the floors and walls. 

The undetected slab leak will increase the amount of repair and work done to the home, like repairing floors and increasing the amount of money you spend on water bills. See this post to read more about common slab leak causes, as you can also learn about prevention by knowing the signs to watch for.

How Do You Repair a Slab Leak?

There are a few ways to repair a slab leak. Many plumbers will say that the concrete needs to be dug up immediately. However, many slab leaks can be repaired with trenchless technology. 

Trenchless slab repair is a technology that can access the pipes that are poured into your concrete foundation so that the concrete does not need to be dug up with a jackhammer

Call Delta 1 to Stop Your Slab Leak Fast

As a property owner in the Fort Worth area, your home or office relies on the concrete slab foundation for structure on top of clay soils. 

Slab leaks can be seriously damaging. Delta 1 Plumbing services can come in and use our trenchless slab leak detection technology to spot your plumbing leak fast. For residential or commercial plumbing, call Delta 1 and stop your slab leak from causing more damage to your foundation.

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Slab Leak Detection Fort Worth

Slab leaks are natural in homes that use a slab foundation. Corroded pipes can easily lead to a slab leak, especially in a copper supply pipe or older metal drain pipe. 

So while slab foundations are common in Fort Worth, a plumbing leak in a slab may less common. Luckily, if you suspect a problem you can rely on our advanced slab leak detection technology and experienced plumbing leak repair service. Delta 1 Plumbing has been fixing under slab leaks since 1969!

How Is Leak Detection Performed?

There are different techniques a plumber can use to identify where the slab leak is. This is very important, as the plumbing leak can be located in your drain line (which removes waste water away from your home) or your main supply line (which brings water into your home). 

To detect a damaged supply line, the plumber would use a hydrostatic test and examine the pressure levels. If it is a problem at the supply line, it may be difficult to repair the line without a specialist. Special equipment is needed to detect a leak in your drain line. We are experienced with both!

Water leak detection often requires special equipment. However basic tests can initially confirm the presence of a general plumbing leak inside the home. 

A basic slab leak test can be done with a pressure gauge. Install a pressure gauge on your plumbing system, and then turn off your water. If the pressure gauge reads a static water pressure right when you turn the water off and then 15 minutes later. If the second pressure reading is lower than the first, then there is a leak. 

This does not mean the leak is located inside your slab. Check toilets, faucets, and under sinks. If you can’t locate the source of the leak, you’ll need a professional to further investigate. 

What is Slab Leak Detection Technology?

Determining the exact location of a slab leak is nearly impossible without the right technology. For example, the hydrostatic test used to determine if the supply line is damaged won’t tell the plumber exactly where the leak is. 

This is why many plumbers use a combination of slab leak detection technology, including line tracing equipment, camera pipe inspection, and the static pressure test. 

Many plumbers use equipment called an industrial plumbing endoscope, which feeds into your drain and gathers an inside look at your drain with a camera. Electromagnetic locators can also use frequencies to spot the leak. 

Other systems can use ultrasonic wavelengths to alert homeowners to leaks in the pipes early on. Our plumbers can also use thermal imaging, moisture detection, and sonar-guided listening devices.

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Leak Detection Services in Fort Worth

If you’ve noticed a high water bill, the sound of running water, or moisture build-up in your Fort Worth home or property, you might have a slab leak. 

Trust Delta 1 Plumbing’s leak detection services and repair skills so you can quickly fix the slab leak to save on the cost of a water leak and further trouble down the line.

What is the Cost of Fixing a Slab Leak?

The cost that it will take to fix a slab leak will depend on where you live, the reputation of the plumber you choose, and the extent of the problem. In general, the easier it is to access the slab leak the cheaper it is to fix it.

Sites like Home Advisor place the average slab leak repairs cost around $2,200. However, it’s best to have an experienced plumber find and then estimate the exact price of your slab leak, as it will vary considerably between houses.

Often times slab leaks can be repaired using trenchless technology. In this case, our Fort Worth plumber would be able to identify the location of the slab leak using leak detection technology and then repair it using trenchless repair techniques such as pipe bursting or CIPP. 

However, some locations require the pipes to be dug up for the repair to be fixed. If this is the case, then your slab leak repair will be more expensive, ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. 

There is no way to quote the cost of slab leak repair before inspecting the problem. While these are general numbers, call us to get an exact price for your slab leak repair. (This is not a quote.)

Delta 1 For Leak Detection and Slab Repair in Fort Worth

Slab leaks can cost homeowners and property owners thousands of dollars a year, especially if the leak is not caught. However, with a reliable slab leak detection and repair company in Fort Worth like Delta 1 Plumbing, you can quickly locate your slab leak and repair it, saving you money and water. 

Delta 1 Plumbing has been around since 1969. And, as a family-owned business, we understand that Fort Worth residents need a reliable service professional for their plumbing maintenance and emergency plumbing leak needs. 

For repairing clogged drains, fixing damaged pines, and repairing slab leaks, call Delta 1 Plumbing today!

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