Water Heater Installation and Repair

A functioning water heater is essential to daily life in Fort Worth, or anywhere in DFW for that matter. But when the water heater breaks or leaks, this can seriously impact your family. This is why Delta 1 offers same day appointments for new water heater replacement or water heater repair in Fort Worth.

In some cases, homeowners may not even realize that their water heater is going out. However, higher water bills, increased electric or gas bill, slightly less warm water (as opposed to hot water), and other signs can indicate that your water heater is not working as it should and is costing you more money.

It’s important not to shy away from regular hot water tank maintenance, as this can result in needing repairs or replacement sooner than the typical 8-12 year time frame. If it’s too late for water heater maintenance, trust Delta 1 Plumbing to fix your broken water heater. 

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Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

You may need water heater repairs if you notice water leaking or a higher-than-average energy or water bill. Water heaters can last up to 12 years with the right maintenance. However, most water heaters experience some corrosion due to regular wear and tear. Hard water can accelerate this. 

Let Delta 1 Plumbing help you with your water heater repair or replacement in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

Gas Water Heater Repair or Replacement Fort Worth

Most gas water heaters can last from 8 to 12 years. But, just like an electric water heater, gas water heaters need proper maintenance. Gas water heaters operate using a gas line through the natural gas piping in the home (or a propane tank on rural properties). 

A leak in the gas line can be due to an old pipe, a defective gas valve, or a faulty thermocouple. Luckily you can call the reliable team at Delta 1 Plumbing for gas water heater repair in Fort Worth homes. We will identify the problem fast, and let you know if you can fix your gas water heater or if installing a replacement is necessary.

Electric Water Heater Repair & Replacement Fort Worth

Most electric water heaters can last up to 12 years as well. Similar to gas water heaters, electric water heaters might need repairs if you notice that it’s taking longer than normal for hot water to be delivered. You may also notice a water leak, which requires immediate attention. However, a water heater leaking from a corroded tank cannot be repaired; replacement will be required. 

Since electric water heaters are powered by electricity, the problems may come from the heating element wearing out, a faulty thermostat, or energy surges. 

Electric water heater repairs can be quick and are usually more cost-effective than putting them off. Connect with a reliable plumber at Delta 1 for electric water heater repairs in Fort Worth. 

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Water Heater Replacement Fort Worth

As a vital appliance in your home, a functioning water heater is extremely important. However, some homeowners may shy away from acting on “the signs” suggesting that repair might be needed, fearing the cost. 

Our goal is to always seek to fix your existing water heater whenever possible. However, at times the cost of repairs doesn’t make economic sense and instead leads to a new water heater installation. We will always explain your options. 

Upgrading an old unit that will need constant repair attention will actually save Fort Worth homeowners in the long run. Contact us to learn more about our gas and electric water heater repair services in Fort Worth. 

What’s the Cost to Replace Hot Water Heater?

A new water heater installation isn’t as inexpensive as replacing a faucet or toilet, however, it’s also not as “scary” as replacing something like a roof or AC system. 

The cost to replace your hot water heater will vary, as you will have several options available. These will range from electric units, to gas units, as well as hybrid water heaters. These are very energy efficient, utilizing a heat pump which will dramatically lower monthly energy costs. 

Generally speaking, the more energy efficient your new water heater is the more it will cost upfront while being recouped over time. The cost of a new water heater including installation can range from $1000 to as much as $2000 if gas line upgrades are needed. The size of the tank will also impact price, as a 60-70 gallon water heater will cost more than a 40-50 gallon unit.

Our licensed plumbers will explain the best unit depending on the size of your home. This is not a price quote. Please contact us for exact pricing for your situation.

Connect with Delta 1 Plumbing to get a quote on a new water heater installation and replacement today. 

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Is it Time to Replace the Water Heater?

If you notice that your hot water heater isn’t functioning as well as it should, a plumber can inspect the unit and give you a realistic quote of what’s needed. 

It could be something to do with the energy components. For example, a leaking gas line or a faulty electrical component might be to blame. Some of these water heater parts are easily replaced. However, if the hot water heater is wearing down due to age, and it’s past 12 years old, you may need to replace your water heater. 

A Delta 1 Plumber can quickly assess your water heater and replace it on the same day, saving your home stressful extended replacement timelines.

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Water Heater Installation Fort Worth

Water heater installations are not only easier with a licensed professional plumber who can help you install the right water heater for your property, but are often required. 

A permit will need to be pulled from the city of Fort Worth, or wherever your home is located. This is because hooking up the necessary components and ensuring it is working efficiently and safely is a top concern.

Call Delta 1 for new builds or when switching from a standard tank water heater to a tankless water heater. We can handle every single kind of new water heater installation.

Trust Delta 1 For Plumbing and Water Heater Needs

Delta 1 Plumbing is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1969. We are highly skilled at hot water heater repairs and installations, among other things. If you need a new water heater or plumbing service in Fort Worth and the surrounding area, called Delta 1 today. 

Let’s Talk About Water Heater Maintenance Services in Fort Worth

It’s easy to take a lot of our home systems for granted when they are working. This is especially true when the water heater goes out and we realize how much we rely upon it for dishwashing, bathing, and cooking. Something we don’t give much thought to it until it becomes a big issue.

While most Fort Worth plumbers service water heaters, not every water heater company is familiar with the full range of brands, warranties, parts, and repair methods. Additionally, not all offer same-day water heater service.

This is why you should Call Delta 1 for your water heater service in Fort Worth. We have been solving plumbing problems since 1969, and odds are that we have repaired your exact water heater in the past. 

How Often Does My Water Heater Need to be Serviced?

As with all high-functioning home appliances, water heaters need to be serviced regularly. Without annual maintenance, including tank flushing, the unit might not run efficiently. This will end up costing you more money or require replacement sooner than it otherwise should.

Add water heater maintenance to your Fall or Spring checklist to ensure that it is serviced annually.

What is Involved in Servicing a Water Heater?

Most water heater professionals will flush the tank to remove sediment buildup and improve efficiency. Other tasks include checking electrical circuitry for corrosion, looking for signs of damaged wiring, testing the thermostat or pilot light, and more.

Often, having a licensed professional look over your hot water tank is just as important. Their keen eye can spot issues before they become bigger problems that develop into a leak.

Is Water Heater Maintenance Expensive?

The cost of servicing a water heater annually is not expensive, especially compared to the cost of a new water heater or replacement parts. 

Depending on your water heater type and where you live, the cost of maintaining your water heater is inexpensive compared to replacing it.

Consider water heater maintenance as a part of your annual home budget.

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