Slab Leaks

Wondering what is a slab leak? This happens usually when copper pipes under concrete slabs starts leaking waters. We have the slab leak solution to any leak or other kinds of water leaks in and around your home. We offer great deals and quick services to save money for our slab leak detection customers in all of Tarrant County.

Finding Slab Leaks Quickly

Water leaks can be anything from a minor problem to a total plumbing emergency, and we will provide a slab leak repair solution for your slab leak. Whether you are dealing with leaking pipes, a burst pipe inside a wall, leaking ceiling pipes, or maybe you have discovered a water leak under your slab foundation. You need Delta 1 Plumbing with the expertise more than 45 years of experience to locate and pinpoint and make the necessary repair for your slab leak.

Leak Detection Equipment

We use the most up to date and reliable water leak detection equipment available to locate the source of water leaks under the slab of your home. This technology allows us to examine the cause of water leaks and quickly identify the best approach for the repair.

Micale John, Client